Valentine’s Day crafts for kids

Nothing says “I love you” like a handmade Valentine’s Day card. So we scoured the internet for the best Valentine’s Day crafts for kids. Whether you have a preschooler or an older one, you’ll find something they’ll love making and be thrilled to give to someone they love.

Valentine’s Day crafts for preschoolers

Kids under the age of five love getting crafty. They love seeing what they can do all for themselves, and the pride that radiates off their little faces when they present a loved one with something they made by themselves is second to none. These crafts are perfect for little hands and big hearts.

Pastel hearts

These hearts require a little prep work on the adult’s part, but the end result is beautiful. Cut out some heart-shaped stencils and place them on your paper. Make big, bold dots of pastel chalks around the edge of the stencil. Then have your little one take a cotton bud and pull the color onto the page. The soft streaks are delicate but create a lovely effect. Find out the whole process here.

Fingerprint ornament

Ah, we’re suckers for personalised ornaments like this. And while your precious preschooler won’t be able to do this on their own, there is a lot they can help with. Measuring ingredients, using cookie cutters and pressing their little thumbs down are all things they can do. And if you aren’t that bothered about the color staying in the lines, well, you can let them paint and decorate it, too. Find out what exactly you need to make this gorgeous ornament here.

String heart cards

Just grab some heavy card and something to make large holes in it. The tutorial recommends a large threading needle, but a carefully wielded pair of scissors would work, too. Then cut a long, long length of yarn or ribbon. Then get your child to thread the string through the holes. It will make a lovely card, and it will help improve their fine motor skills. Perfect! Instructions are here.

Fingerprint painting

We did say we’re suckers for thumbprint crafts… This little project will be lots of fun for any kid. Place a heart-shaped stencil over a card (or even a small canvas), and let your kid go bananas. They can choose their favorite colors and get as messy as they like. Then just peel the stencil off and add a sweet message. For all the steps, check out the tutorial here.

Valentine’s Day crafts for older kids

It can be a challenge getting older kids to participate in Valentine’s Day crafting. After all, they’ve got friends to talk to, reputations to uphold and video games to play. But we’re willing to bet that you’ll find one or two crafts that your older kids will enjoy – even if they never admit it.

Handprint card

Older kids can do this whole process themselves, but younger kids can get into the tracing and gluing action, too. This craft is very quick and simple, but there’s nothing more handmade than a card made from the outline of your kid’s hand. It’s all about folding, tracing and cutting, but if you need the full instructions, you can find them here.

Folded paper hearts

If you want some gorgeous decorations for a Valentine’s Day party or just want to spend a bit of time doing a simple, mindful task, this is a great project. We recommend it for older children because it requires concentration and precision, but there’s no reason why smaller kids can’t get in on the fun as well. Best of all, while everyone is concentrating on folding straight lines, you might find it’s easier to get your kids to open up and talk to you, which will be the greatest Valentine’s Day gift of all. Learn the technique here.


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