Two new Samsung printers are released in the USA

Samsung recently announced the release of two new colour printer models (from the C30 series). Only available in the USA for now, they are called the Colour Multifunction C3060FW and the Colour Single Function C3010DW.

Samsung described the two new printers as the perfect machine for small and medium sized businesses. They purport to offer a great balance in performance versus costs (both upfront and ongoing), delivering “superior graphics, greater toner capacities, and strong performance without incurring unnecessary maintenance costs and sacrificing print quality and productivity”.

If you’re wondering what ‘greater tones capacities’ means in practical terms, it represents high-yield toner cartridges that can print around 8,000 pages in monochrome and 5,000 pages in colour. The reason for this high performance? According to Samsung, the bigger cartridges contain “long-lasting consumable parts” which apparently “significantly reduce cartridge costs and boost the printers’ longevity, ultimately providing consumers with an increased return on investment”.

The new printers are also two of the most energy efficient on the market. This is down to Samsung’s smart ‘instant fusing system’ (IFS), which effectively minimises energy consumption when the device is sleeping, warming up and operating. The IFS also saves paper when you’re doing duplex printing.

These features, together with a few other perks, make the C3060FW and the C3010DW a really great choice for small and medium sized businesses. Dave Das, Senior Vice President, Consumer Electronics Marketing, Consumer Business Division, Samsung Electronics America, said that the motivation for these new machines came from an understanding that “businesses today are faced with an incredibly competitive marketplace, leaving no time for devices that slow down the pace of operations. Understanding that printers are an important investment for our consumers and a cornerstone of day-to-day business operations, we are continuously working to offer the most efficient, reliable printers with high-quality output and a low cost per page.”

You can tell that Samsung have really thought about this target market, and anticipate their needs. For example, to help businesses increase their daily productivity, the two new printers are designed to operate smoothly with minimal wait time. In real-time terms, that means that both models offer a First Print Out Time of between nine and ten seconds, with the ability to warm up from sleep in an impressive 26 seconds! So, if you’re rushing out the door for a meeting and haven’t turned on your printer yet today, a last minute print out won’t make you late.

The actual print speed of the two newest C30 series printers is driven by a Dual CPU, which can print up to 31 pages per minute (ppm). Unlike some other models, this great speed stays consistent whatever thickness of paper you’re using (up to 59 lbs.), as well as envelopes, and custom-size jobs. If you tend to do a lot of copying, you’ll enjoy a similarly impressive turnaround speed – up to 31 copies per minute for single document multiple copies and up to 25 copies per minute for multiple document multiple copies.

Fortunately, these high speeds don’t reduce the precision of the two printers. With a newly enhanced resolution of up to 9600×600 dpi, Samsung’s ReCP technology means that images come out nice and crisp, and every word you print – no matter how small – will be unblurred and legible. What’s more, you’ll be able to print images using the natural colours of the original copies. The results of this combination – high speeds and precision – means you’ll be comfortable creating beautiful, complex documents without having to invest too much time in the actual printing process.

So how much will one of these new C30 printers set you back? In the States, the models will be on offer initially for a recommended retail price of $549.99 for the multifunction version (C3060FW) and $449.99 for the single function version (C3010DW). It’s worth bearing in mind that Samsung have purposefully designed these printers to offer good value for running costs. By including long-lasting consumable parts in the initial build, they’ve created a machine that will effectively reduce your cartridge costs and – ultimately – increase the life of your printer. If you’re looking at the long term (as you probably should be!), this means you’ll be getting a much better return on investment than if you were to purchase a less durable model.

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