Make working from home work for you

Make working from home work for you

With our increasingly fast computers, VPN technology and the beloved cloud, many more employees can work from home than ever before.  Working at home is not just for the stay at home mom any more.  You often see cases of contractors, small business owners and other professionals telecommuting, leaving them in their home office the majority of the year.

With working from home comes a new breed of challenges, keeping paper and ink stocked, and distractions down may top the list.

Here are some tips that may help you.

Go to work

You must physically act as if you are going to work, to get yourself in the proper mind set.  Take a morning shower, get dressed, even if not in suit and tie just get out of those flannel pajamas, and go to an office area in your home, designated as where you have no television, children or other distractions.

Leave work

This sounds easier than it is, set a closing time and stick to it. You need to leave the office and walk away, for the good of yourself and your family.  Keep the distinction so you don’t get burned out, and so you are willing to enter the office again on Monday morning.

Set office rules

Your mother-in-law may think it is ok to call on you, neighbors may think it is ok to pop over and kids may think it is ok to run into the office.  Expectations need to be set with other during office hours, whether it looks like it or not, when you are in the office area, you are at work.


Contractors and small business owners should be getting out in the community and networking at least once a week, talk to others, learn what’s new in your field, and hopefully gain more business in the process.

If you are an employee, speak to a co-worker every day, find out the need to know information, and even make a little small talk.

The best advice for working from home is to treat the job, hours, focus, and office conditions the same as you would if you were in the office, without the high cost of fuel.

Do you ever work from home?  Share with us your best advice!

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