Make Her Mother’s Day With Home Made Cards

Mother’s Day is a great time to sit down and reflect about all the things our mothers do for us every day. Often, we repay her love, kindness, and patience with a phone call or a bunch of flowers arranged by someone who has never met her.

This year, however, you can make some exceptional cards for your exceptional mother, whether you’re a professional crafter or a one-year-old who loves playing with paint. Scroll down to check out some of the best ideas on the internet for Mother’s Day cards that she’ll love.

“Ha-pea” Mother’s Day!

ha-pea mothers day

If you and your mom are two peas in a pod, this is the perfect craft for you (and some older kids, too). Just grab some paper, a pen, some scissors, and some glue and get crafting.

By: Crafty Morning

Piece of Your Heart

Love you to pieces

There are a lot of cards like this one out there, where you collage pieces of colored paper together in a heart shape, but with this one, she can keep the heart in a window so she can always be reminded of your love.

By: Learning and Exploring through Play

Best List Ever!

Love mom list

If you have a child who’s just started becoming a chatterbox, you might have to write in the answers for them on this printable card, but we’re pretty sure this card will make Mama cry. Tears of laughter, probably, but they still count.

By The Bird Feed NYC

This Card Pops!

Pop up mothers day card

If you’re the kind of kid who loves to surprise your mom, you’re going to love this craft. From the outside, it’s a plain piece of card. Inside, however, it bursts with a handmade bouquet.

By Martha Stewart

Last-Minute Saves

Pop art bouquet

Alright, let’s shift from the inspirational to the realistic: this adorable craft will be a hit with Mom, even if you didn’t spend hours on it… Just cut circles out of pieces of colorful paper, and stick them on green stems. Pop them into the holder on the card front, and voila! You have a bouquet worthy of the artsiest mom.

By: Krokotak

Wild Child

Wild child art

If you’ve got a young’un, you can get them involved with this messy project. Just let them go nuts on a piece of paper with some paint. Take photos of the process, and print them out. Join it all up together with a little message, and you have a real keepsake.

By The Mombot

BONUS: Memory Chain

Mom paper chain

This one isn’t technically a card, so we’re including it as a bonus. You write your memories of your mother – or things you’re thankful for – down on pretty paper, and then glue them together. She can tear one off every day to have a mini-Mother’s Day that lasts the whole month (or longer!).

By: Real Simple

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