Is Black Friday worth it?

There are signs that we Americans are finally reaching Black Friday fatigue. At least 75 major shops around the country are closing on Thanksgiving Day, and only 35% of people who plan on shopping over that weekend say they will do so on Black Friday (down from 51% in 2016 and 59% in 2017). Part of this is down to year-round sales and savings events, especially online, and part of it is because retailers aren’t concentrating their best deals on that one single day anymore.

But we all still think of Black Friday as the traditional start of the holiday shopping season, and we are still drawn in by the big headline deals. So now it’s time to start asking: is Black Friday worth it anymore?

We think so, and we’ll tell you why.

It’s a great time to get ready for the holidays.

We all get annoyed when we see ornaments popping up in stores in September, but the day after Thanksgiving seems like such a good time to start getting ready for the winter festivities. The big Thanksgiving dinner is over, and many of us are off work the next day. So naturally our minds turn to our next big celebration, and we have the time to go get the gifts and decorations we need to celebrate properly. It doesn’t feel too early in the year, but we’re not quite desperate to get a last-minute gift, either. The timing is ideal.

The deals might not be the best, but they’re nothing to sneeze at.

Much is made about the fact that you can get better deals on specific kinds items at different times of the year. Toys are discounted in the week before Christmas. Televisions get their best discounts right after Christmas. Fitness equipment goes on sale in January. But that doesn’t mean Black Friday deals aren’t good – it just means they aren’t necessarily as good. And if you want to get a loved one a laptop in time for Christmas, you’d be a fool to turn your nose up at a discount of $100, just because you think you could have got it for less some other time.

You can get deals on things that don’t normally receive discounts.

Last year, Target offered a 25% discount on Apple’s latest iPad Pro during Black Friday. They also offered a 30% discount on iTunes gift cards. They were one of the few retailers doing this, and shoppers rightfully flocked to the deal. Apple products almost never go on sale, especially if they are the latest model of a popular product, and Apple isn’t the only company to avoid sales and clearances. Nordstrom Rack also puts its best clearance deals out there around this time of year. Black Friday makes retailers happy to absorb a discount that a brand doesn’t want to give, because they hope you’ll come for the once-a-year deal and buy more while you’re there. Whether you do or not, however, is up to you. You’re still getting an Apple product for less.

The deals come right when we need them.

The fact is, most of us don’t do our holiday shopping all year round (though there is good reason why we should). And it’s not like gifts are the only things we’re buying at this time of year. There are the new decorations to put up, the parties to cater and the big dinners to shop for. The electricity and heating bills go up. Frankly, our wallets could do with a break, and that’s what Black Friday gives us.

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You can shop for longer, and online, too.

Many articles point out that you don’t need to shop on Black Friday anymore because you can get the deals online or throughout the weekend (and the week before and the week after and so on). As if this is a reason to not shop on Black Friday itself. Sure, they are reasons to not get into a line outside of Best Buy at 4am, but if anything, those are great reasons to keep shopping on Black Friday. The deals are still there, but now we can get them from anywhere – which is especially good for those of us who are working on Black Friday. Or those of us who are struggling to get back into our normal pants after a big Thanksgiving. And we don’t have to rush because we can get the doorbuster deals for a whole week or more. We can take our time and look around, making sure we get the very best deals on the exact products we want.

While it might not make sense to tackle strangers in the Walmart for a video game console anymore (if it ever did), we have more reason than ever before to get our holiday shopping done on Black Friday weekend. The deals come right when we need them, and they are good, sometimes unbelievable deals. You can even save on premium items that don’t normally get discounted.

Moreover, as the deals extend longer and longer into the season and as the offers show up online, fewer people will need to come out to the physical stores on Black Friday itself. Who knows? It may be that in time, with fewer, less desperate shoppers to combat, Black Friday morphs into a pleasant day out, where deals are plentiful but stress is not. Wouldn’t that be a great gift?


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