How to find the best Black Friday deals in America

How to find the best Black Friday deals in America

Black Friday. Depending on how you view it, it could be a frantic, emotionally brutal day, or it could be a challenging, thrilling bargain-snatching adventure. But whatever you think of the day itself, there’s no denying it’s one of the best times to get big discounts on some amazing products.

But where are the best Black Friday deals this year?

Target for Apple products

Who doesn’t love Target? They always have good deals, but perhaps surprisingly, they are one of the best places to go for big discounts on the newest Apple products. Last year, Target offered some of the best deals on Apple products, including on iPad Pro and Apple Watch. iTunes gift cards were buy one, get one 30% off, and, and expects that or something similar to happen again.

Outlet shops for fashion deals

Many higher end fashion retailers have outlet shops to sell off old stock at deep discounts, but did you know that those shops will offer extra deals on the Black Friday weekend? Nordstrom Rack, for example, offered its best clearance deals all year on Thanksgiving Day last year, and J.Crew Factory had some of the biggest discounts of all the fashion retailers. Check out the shipping requirements for free shipping, however, as some shops don’t offer free shipping on Black Friday deals.

Clickinks for Printer ink cartridges

At, this Black Friday we aim to offer you big savings on ink and toner. When you buy from Clickinks, you can count on fast shipping, and same day dispatch. You’ll benefit from our vast customer service experience. We can help you find the best possible deals on the exact cartridges your printer needs. We can also provide comprehensive technical support for using our site and our cartridges.

Imagine getting incredible savings on your printer cartridges, toner and more, all without the pushing and shoving of the Black Friday crowds. With Clickinks, you don’t have to imagine. All you have to do is click here.

Use Alexa for Amazon Lightning Deals

Amazon’s best buys are always found among the Lightning Deals, but who has time to sift through all the different offers, waiting for the right one to pop up? When you use Alexa to shop on Amazon, you can add items to your Wish List right away, and you can set up alerts so Alexa will let you know when the best deals come up. Best of all, you can get some extra discounts, just for shopping through your Alexa.

Dell for computers

Finding the right deal on computers really depends on specs you need and the price you want. But if you’re not especially particular about the brand, look at the offers at Dell Home. Dell Home does sell more than just their own brands, but their best deals were on their own computers. The discounts are so good, in fact, that last year found Dell Home had more top Black Friday deals than all the other electronics retailers they tracked combined.

Amazon for toy deals, but not on the hottest toys

Amazon is expected to be the top retailer for great toy deals this year, according to They not only offer a larger range than most other shops, but they also offer discounts for a much longer period than most other shops. Of course, the holiday period is stuffed with talk about the hottest toy trends of the year, and the hottest toys usually aren’t included in Black Friday deals. So if you’re hoping to find a great discount on Hatchimals or other popular toys, you might be out of luck no matter where you shop.

This year, the best Black Friday deals aren’t really restricted to Friday anymore. Many sales will start on Thanksgiving, and they will continue all the way to Cyber Monday. Many retailers, like Amazon, will offer great deals for weeks afterward. The great news is, there’s no reason to panic buy on Black Friday itself. You’ll have the time to shop around and find the best deals on all your gifts. Just make sure you don’t let those great deals pass you by!

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