Halloween crafts for kids using ink and paper

Halloween is a fantastic time of year. We’ve all started embracing the cooler weather and the longer nights, and as the pumpkins ripen in the fields, our minds turn to creepier things. The problem, however, is that we have all that anticipation, and only one night of fun! Luckily, you can get in the spirit, and stay in the spirit, for Halloween much longer with these fun crafts.

Trick or treat, smell my feet

Want to get your baby involved with Halloween crafts? This is a great craft for that. Just coat the little one’s tootsies in washable, non-toxic ink and press down on some paper. Then use pens and markers to finish off the decorations. You can even make it a keepsake by using thicker cardstock.

Lollipop ghosts

A perennial classic, this craft just requires big lollipops (like Tootsie Pops), coffee filters, a good ink pen, some ties, and a lot of patience. Assemble, and have your kid pass them out in class for instant cool points.

Inkjet temporary spider tattoos

Leave it to Martha Stewart to figure out how to make temporary tattoos using an inkjet printer. The process is pretty long, but the steps are easy enough to follow, so older kids can take this one on themselves. And as the photos show, the results are impressive – and gut-churning.

Splattered Halloween pictures

Make a super simple piece of art by cutting out some Halloween-appropriate shapes and attaching them lightly to some paper. Load up a brush – or even a toothbrush – with some ink, and splatter away. You can run your finger over the bristles for a fine mist, or knock the brush against your finger for some bolder drops. Once the ink has dried, remove the cut outs, and you’ve got yourself some Halloween art.

Thumbprint spiders

Make like your favorite detective and fingerprint your kids. No, not to see who keeps stealing cookies. To make these adorable spiders! All they have to do is press their fingertips onto an ink pad, then press their fingers on the page. Add a few details like legs and webs and stick on some googly eyes, and you’ve got one charming Halloween picture.

These crafts should get you through the run-up to Halloween – without a toothache or mask in sight! So which one are you gonna do first?

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