Free Hipster Icon Set

Free Hipster Icon Set

The Hipster trend is in full swing and it hasn’t taken the design community long to catch on. The Hipster movement first took place in the 90’s, it was a subculture of young, middle-class urban teenagers who listened to alternative music and dressed in non-mainstream fashion.

Today, this trend has reached new heights by being presented to us in online branding and design. It seems designers have captured the look and feel of the Hipster trend perfectly through retro website design, washed out coloured backgrounds and the use of scripted fonts. This shows that you do not need to be a Hipster to pull of the design you just need a good set of resources.

This is why have designed a Free Hipster Icon set, yes you heard us right, the icon set is free to use! Share and enjoy.

Flipster - Icon Set

Download Hipster Icons Here

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