Father’s Day Craft Ideas

It’s Father’s Day just around the corner – a great opportunity to make something unique that shows just how much you love this special man. All these craft ideas are perfect for kids to make for their dads, although a responsible adult may need to lend a hand now and then.

Extra special Dad socks

If your family is anything like my family, giving socks as a Father’s Day present is a bit of a running joke – it’s not exactly the most exciting of gifts! But what if – instead of boring old ‘normal’ socks – you (or your kids) made dad some really really special socks…

All you need is a pair of regular socks – avoid any with ribs, they make sock decoration a lot more challenging – and some fabric paints. If you can find them, 3D fabric paints can make dad’s socks even more exciting. Fabric paints are really versatile and you can use them to draw pictures, make patterns or even write messages! If you’re using 3D paints, it’s worth bearing in mind they might make the socks a bit uncomfortable to wear with shoes – so think carefully about where you apply the paint.

Once you’ve decorated dad’s extra special new socks, just make sure the paints have plenty of time to dry before you wrap them up and give them to him.

King Dad

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than a bit of homemade fancy dress – especially when someone else in your home has made it for you. Help your kids make a crown to let their dad know how much they love him. It’s easy to do – you just need some gold card, sticky tape and whatever decorations you want.

First of all, you need to know how big to make dad’s crown – try and get his head measurements secretly, either by measuring a hat that you know fits him, or by pretending you’re doing it for something else. Now, draw out a stencil for the crown on the plain side of the card. If you’re using A4 card, you’ll probably have to make the crown in two parts and then join them together. Cut out the shapes and let your children decorate the gold side as much as they like. Stickers, tinsel, pompoms – the only limit is their imagination!

Once everyone is happy, simply join the crown together and deliver it – perhaps on a red cushion if you have one! – to its rightful owner.

A mug warmer

If there’s one thing dad’s love, it’s useful presents. If the man in your house is always leaving cups of tea and coffee around until they get cold, this is a perfect present to make with the kids.

To make a mug warmer, you’ll need some felt, a self-adhesive hook and eye fastener, some fabric paint and any other decorations you want. Start by choosing a mug – a straight edged one is best – and measure its height and circumference. Use those measurements to make a rectangle that’s about one centimeter ‘shorter’ and two centimeters ‘longer’. Then, trim the short edges of the rectangle into gentle points so that the felt can fit through the handle when you wrap it round the mug.

Now comes the fun part. Decoration time! You might want to think of something funny or sweet to write on the mug warmer, or get your kids to draw a picture of the family. Either way, bear in mind you’ll probably have to wash this creation quite often, so best to keep things quite simple.

Finally, once the decoration is finished and dry, simply wrap the felt around the mug and secure using the self-adhesive fasteners!

Dad’s biscuit jar

My dad always has a cup of tea and a biscuit at about 4pm. He likes all kinds of biscuits – digestives, hobnobs, shortbread – just as long as he can dip it in his brew, he’s happy. What makes him unhappy, is when someone else in the family has eaten all the biscuits – which happens quite a lot!

If your dad or husband is anything like my dad (in the biscuit department, at least), this present will go down a treat. All you need is a large jar – preferably a mason jar for its airtight properties – and some glass paints or glass paint pens. If you can’t find glass paints, an easy alternative is just to make a label for the jar – either a sticky label, or a paper one that you can tie around the neck of the jar). Of course, you’ll also need some biscuits.

To make the biscuit jar, use whatever decorations you want to make it clear that everything in this container belongs to ‘dad’ – unless he decides to share it, of course. Perhaps a line such as ‘Dad’s Cookie Jar – Hands Off!’ would work.

Once you’re done with the decoration, fill the jar with dad’s favourite biscuits, close it up and – if you like surprises – leave it somewhere for your dad or husband to discover – perhaps in the same place as he usually finds his biscuits!

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