Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts For Kids

Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away, which means now is the perfect time to start thinking of craft projects for your kids, to help them enjoy this rather special holiday. Because what’s more loving than something handmade?

Here, we’ve collected a handful of crafty ideas to inspire kids of all ages (yes, we’re looking at you Dad) to make gifts for all their loved ones. No matter how artistic you’re feeling, or how much crafting kit you have in the house, we’re sure you’ll find something here that’s just right for you and your children to make.

Easy Valentine’s Day Pencils
Get as many pencils as you want and paint them red – a bright metallic looks good, and you’ll probably need a few coats. While the pencils are drying, make some heart shapes out of red pipe cleaners – if you can find glittery ones, so much the better! If you’d rather steer clear of hearts, try making spirals instead; they’re especially fun on the end of a pencil because they tend to wobble around! Leave a little bit of pipe spare at one end.

To finish the gift, just put a little hot glue on the end of each pencil and twist the spare bit of pipe cleaner around it a couple of times. What could be easier!?

Fingerprint photo frames
A fun, if rather messy, craft idea that’s easy for little ones to get involved in. To make this gift, you will need: a few shades of Valentine’s-appropriate acrylic paints – like red, white and pink; an unfinished wooden photo frame; some Mod Podge to seal the paint; and a finger!Now prepare the craft arena!

You might want to squirt out the different coloured paints onto separate dishes, and it’s probably worth putting down some protective newspaper. Depending how old your fellow crafter is, you might want to demonstrate how to fingerprint, but it’s really very straightforward once you get going. A good mix of colours and a thick covering of paint will result in a really lovely frame. And a quick coat of Mod Podge will help make sure it stays lovely for longer.

String of hearts
This is a great little paperchain craft project that doesn’t necessarily have to be a gift – although it totally can be. To get going, all you need is some red, pink and/or white paper, staples, a hole punch and string.

Cut the paper into about one by ten inch strips – like you would for a normal paper chain. Fold each strip of paper in half and crease, before bending the loose ends into the middle and pulling down to make a simple heart shape. Staple the two ends together, and then punch a hole through the middle and either side. Now, just thread the hearts together along the string and voila! A Valentines’ Day garland for decoration or adornment.

Say it with potato stamps
Running low on craft supplies? Got a few old potatoes that need using up? This might just be the perfect craft activity for you!

To get started, cut a few potatoes in half. Now get yourself a nice thick marker pen and draw the outline of your chosen Valentines’ Day motif – a heart or a cross are probably your best bet. Take a knife and cut out the outside of the shape. It’s worth making the stamp pretty thick for any heavy-handed younger crafters you might be working with.

Now comes the fun part! Squirt out some paint – reds, pinks and whites are solid choices, given the occasion. The potato stamps will keep going and going, so it’s a good idea to have lots of things to decorate – you could make cards, pictures, tags or even some home made wrapping paper.

Heart Rice Krispie Treats
A tasty treat to end on, this is a simple recipe for some adorable Valentine’s Day snacks. To make these, you will need the following: a tray with heart-shaped slots, or a heart-shaped cookie cutter; three tablespoons of butter; 40 marshmallows, 6 cups of rice krispies; plenty of cookie sticks or cocktail sticks.

To make the mix, melt the butter slowly in a pan before adding the marshmallows. Once they’ve gone nice and gooey, stir in the rice krispies and remove from the heat. Now either press the mix into your tray, or spread mixture out onto a flat surface and use the cookie cutter. Now simply insert a stick into the heart before the mix has had a chance to set, and there you have it!

If you’re feeling ambitious, you can decorate the hearts with melted chocolate (white chocolate looks lovely), or even add some pink food colouring to the mix while it’s cooking!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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