Easter Crafts for Kids

Between bunnies, chicks and eggs, there’s a whole heap of Easter-themed inspiration for keen crafters. So whether you’re a seasoned pro, or just a dabbler looking to entertain the children over the weekend, there should be something from the selection below to keep you happily entertained, and to make your home look cheerful enough to welcome the Easter bunny…

Easter Countdown
The week before Easter take a box of half a dozen eggs and set your littles ones up with pens and paints to decorate them. Depending on how heavy handed they are, you might want to blow the eggs first (piercing a hole in the top and bottom of the shell then using a straw to blow out the contents). Once they’re cheerfully decorated you can then number them from 1 to 6 and use them to count down to the big day, turning the numbered eggs over as Easter Sunday approaches.

Bouncing Easter Chick
This cheery chick is just the thing for decorating your fridge, walls or windows as Easter rolls around. To make it, simply assemble a yellow disposable plate, goggle-eyes, yellow feathers and orange card. Depending on whether your little ones are okay to use scissors and glue, you might need to supervise a bit but the results are bound to be a hit with everyone.

Colourful Easter Egg Garland
Paint sample cards are a crafters best friend, and it couldn’t be easier to make them into a garland. Cherry-pick your favorite springtime colours, then cut each card into egg shapes. Threading them onto string completes the job and is a great way to introduce kids to the basics of sewing (making sure they’re careful with the needle).

Fingerprint Carrots
Fingerpainting always goes down well with budding artists, so why not harness their enthusiasm to make these adorable carrot prints? Simply get them busy with the orange paint and then use glue to apply either green string or perhaps genuine leaves that you can forage from the garden.

Tube-Shaped Bunny
With no more than a simple loo-roll tube, some card and a dash of creativity, you and your little ones can make a natty little bunny that doubles as a chocolate egg holder. Either colour the tube or cover with coloured tissue paper, then attach some cardboard ears at the top and feet to the bottom. The eyes and nose can either be drawn on, or if you have a good selection of craft bits and bobs, bobble-eyes and a button would make a great alternative.

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