DIY Mother’s Day Gifts for Crafty Kids

This Sunday 11th of March, mothers across the land will be taken breakfast in bed, told how much they’re loved and filled with a warm, fuzzy sense of being appreciated, for a few precious minutes at the very least. If they’re lucky they’ll even be treated to a hand-made token of their children’s appreciation!

Stuck for ideas on what to make your mum for Mother’s Day (or what to encourage your children to make for her)? We’ve compiled a list of nine surefire craft ideas to make her smile, each of which can be modified to suit crafty kids of all ages…

Sunshine Card

Create a stunning sunshine card! This design combines lots of children’s two favourite things; sticking and pasta. Painted pasta twists are the perfect way to create a 3D sunshine that will brighten up Mother’s Day morning very nicely.


A ladybird for a special lady…

Little hands can get nice and busy creating this super-sweet ladybird card, complete with a personalised photo hiding under the wings. To make it you’ll need red and black card, black paint, two split pins and a photograph. The wings are created by drawing and cutting around the shape of the child’s hands and then decorated with little fingerprints, to ensure their card is as unique as they are!

3D Daffodil

Cupcake cases are very versatile little things, as well as housing buns, they can also be used to make this really eye-catching daffodil card. It’s easy to create, very seasonal and children will enjoy cutting, sticking and perhaps even painting their cheerful little masterpiece once it’s done.

Loveheart Tree Card

This three-dimensional work of art turns regular pieces of card into a really striking and super-sweet design. Simple blue and green make up the background, a cut out handprint makes the trunk and branches and then it’s time to add the little pink blossom hearts. These are made from simple strips folded in half, turned in on themselves and stapled into place. Probably one for older children who are confident using a stapler under supervision, which is also great for their motor skill development.

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