Creative, Inspiring Packaging Design

Creative, Inspiring Packaging Design

Here at Clickinks, we’re pretty big on design. We’re fans of things that have been designed with care and attention, whether that’s a logo, or a website or an iPhone app, but our true love is with something that’s beautifully designed, and that you can feel. Something that’s been printed, that has texture and can be held in the palm of your hands. And one such element is product packaging.

Packaging design is an interesting art form – it used to be fairly rare to find packaging that had any real thought go into it, and packaging was seen as being perfunctory – something that existed simply to tell the consumer what the product was, and usually felt very disposable. Apple changed things significantly by having such a strong focus on beautifully packaged items, and it became more and more common to see people celebrate the packaging, or at least the ritual of opening an Apple product, by unboxing the product. Now it’s much more common to see products that have had some real thought and attention placed on not just the product, but also the way it’s been presented – resulting in an item that feels of a much higher quality.

I wanted to celebrate those products by bringing together a collection of some of my favourite recent examples of beautiful, well crafted and stylish product packaging designs. I hope you find this collection interesting and inspiring, and of course, if you know of any other examples I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

REN Skincare

REN Skincare[Source:]

Leica Camera

Leica Packaging[Above:]



Panda Champagne

Panda Champagne[Above:]

Counter Culture Coffee

Counter Culture Coffee Packaging[Above:]

Bubikiosk Sailor Gum

Bubikiosk Sailor Gum[Above:]

Ahal Soap

Ahal Soap[Above:]

Wishbone Coffee

Wishbone Coffee[Above:]

Apothecary Beauty Products

Apothecary Packaging Design[Above:]

Two Prophets Tequila

Two Prophets Tequila[Above:]

Jammy Yummy

Jammy Yummy[Above:]

Patswerk Anniversary Beer

Patswerk Anniversary Beer[Above:]

Technology Will Save Us

Technology Will Save Us[Above:]

The Nomad Hotel Playing Cards

The Nomad Hotel Playing Cards[Above:]

Kohana Coffee

Kohana Coffee[Above:]

Here is a special mention to Canva who have also put together a creative list of packaging designs.

So there you have it – a collection of some of my favourite fresh, interesting and inspiring product packaging designs that I’ve found around the web. Which of these do you like best? Are there any others out there that you think deserve a special mention in our roundup? I’d love to hear what you have to say in the comments below.

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