Crafting ideas for an awesome Father’s Day

What better way to spend your Father’s Day Sunday than getting creative and messy with the kids? Crafting together not only creates wonderful memories but also gives you and them a keepsake to cherish as a reminder of the time spent together. We’ve pulled together a few ideas to inspire a day of making and make believe.

  1. Cardboard costumes

Work together with your little ones to recreate costumes inspired by their favourite heroes from games, TV or films in this crafty project. Construct hats, masks and more from online templates using coloured card, tape and string, then decorate to your heart’s content with paint or glitter. This craft is extra fun for playtime later in the day when the costumes are completed – especially if dad is the supervillain, muahaha!

  1. Finger puppet footballers

If both dad and the kids are into football, this craft is perfectly timed as the World Cup kicks off. Use ready-made player templates to cut out the basic shapes then decorate your team’s stars with pens or paint; whatever you have to hand. You can use real players as inspiration or create totally fictional football heroes before having a friendly showdown on the field.

For a more authentic World Cup experience, you can even create a mini league table using card and crayons if you have the time. Just be sure to get a truly impartial ref before kick-off!

  1. Customising clothes

The best thing about the final craft suggestion is that you can go as big or as small as you like with it. It can be done with a pair of socks, a t-shirt or a set of pyjamas: whatever you can source easily or already have around the house.

Simply take some plain clothing which doesn’t have too much of a pattern or texture to it and add designs of your own, either working on one garment together or more than one to gift to each other. Want to make sure that your designs stay put? We’d recommend using fabric pens or 3D fabric paint to lock in the cool custom look. You’ll have the best socks in work and school on Monday, for sure.

What are you waiting for? Now that you’re full of ideas, go rustle up some card or a plain t-shirt, dig out the aprons and get yourself ready for a weekend of fun-filled creative play with the kids!

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