Consumer Reports advises on saving printer ink

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Consumer Reports has recently published its advice on saving printer ink, West Valley News has reported. The American product comparison magazine highlights five ways in particular to minimise ink usage, so consumers can print more pages for less money.

First, the magazine points out that simply changing fonts can save serious amounts of ink. “Times New Roman used 27 percent more [ink] than Arial, a default in many browsers,” testers at Consumer Reports’ research centre found. They also pointed out that both Calibri and Century Gothic outperformed Arial, proving that the default font isn’t always the best choice for a document.

In fact, Consumer Reports researchers found that default settings in general often sap ink. Changing the default printer setting from full colour to greyscale can save ink as well. Instead of using all four inks in the full colour mode, users can opt to print in black and white alone, which uses just the black ink.

The magazine then recommended printing in draft mode when print-offs did not need to look pristine. This setting prints using a smaller amount of ink, making the print look less precise and lowering the overall print quality. Still, it is perfectly acceptable for internal or personal uses, when print quality is not critical.

Consumer Reports also noted that consumers often print more than they need to, especially when printing from websites. Luckily, there are several ways to print only what is necessary. “Many websites let you select printer-friendly versions of their stories, which automatically remove colour ink-sucking ads and images, leaving you with nothing but text. If the site you’re reading doesn’t offer that option, a service like Instapaper, Clean Print or Print Friendly can help you reformat the story yourself, saving on ink and paper,” the magazine reported.

Finally, the consumer comparison magazine recommended upgrading to a newer laser printer. In their testing, they found laser printers were the most economical when it came to printing, costing just two US cents (about one pence) per page. They mark out in particular the Epson EcoTank printer range because of its innovative ink reservoirs, which the user fills with ink from large bottles. Consumer Reports has found that with the significantly lower costs of printing, a printer from this range could pay for itself in as little as three years.

“Among the great nuisances of modern life, few things irritate consumers more than the high price of printer ink”, Consumer Reports said, but with these five changes, consumers will finally be back in control of their ink use.

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