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Here at Clickinks, it should come as no surprise that we’re huge fans of print. We love design in all it’s forms – from web design to street art – but our true love is with designs that have been printed, and that have a texture that you can hold and feel. There’s something much more personal about having a design that’s printed, that you can hold in your hands and hang on the wall, than there is with just seeing it on a screen.

But this post is more than just about print – it’s about artwork that’s designed to liven up your office (or your home office), to get your creative juices flowing and to create an environment that’s conducive to having inspiration, energy and moments of excitement. I often find it’s hard to do your best work if you’re in a drab, unexciting office environment – and having exciting, fun and interesting art in your surroundings can help to energize you. I wanted to bring together a roundup of some of my favourite art prints and posters – all of which have the ability to liven up the office environment. Some of these designs make use of inspirational quotes to help get you in the mood for work (although I’ve been careful to avoid the standard cheesy office clichés), while others are full of bright, vibrant color, bold visuals and unusual settings to help add some creativity to the environment.

I hope you find this collection interesting, and that it gets you interested in reworking and redesigning your office space – whether it’s your home office, a small studio or even a large corporate office that’s in desperate need of some fun and excitement.

Quote Poster[Above:]

Stay Focused Poster[Above:]

Do What You Love[Above:]



Dream in Years[Above:]



Coffee Print[Above:]

Water Pistol Print[Above:]

Rope Print[Above:]

Imagination Art Print[Above:,walls/style,walls]


Complaining is not a strategy[Above:]

Warrior Art Poster[Above:]

Which of these posters do you like best? Do you know of any others that deserve a mention in our roundup post? I’d love to hear what you have to say in the comments below.

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