7 Tech Hacks to Improve Your Life

7 Tech Hacks to Improve Your Life

Technology exists to make life easier. Whether it be trains, auto-mobiles, cell phones, or TV ­ technology is constantly evolving, coming out with better ways to do the most complex as well as mundane things in life.
When it comes to the gadgets and technologies we use daily, no one can resist a game-changing secret.
Here are a few tech hacks that can help you out.

1) Google Calculator

It isn’t just a simple calculator; did you know your Google Chrome browser is also an advanced scientific calculator that can solve complex math queries? Now you know.

2) Movie Apps

If you are a movie fanatic like we are, these two apps/sites will be your lifeline.

IMdB: Everything you need to know about pretty much anything that was ever filmed. Key here is the “Want to Watch” one­ click button. Pull it out whenever someone you trust recommends a movie.

Flixster: Integrated with Rotten Tomatoes which is pretty spot ­on every time when grading whether movies are worth paying money to see or even spending two hours to watch.

3) Medium


Medium is a blogging app which allows you to concentrate on the quality of your writing. Medium allows you to create a personlized reading experience on any device. There are no comment boxes on this app only notes; They add valuable supplementary information. They incorporate new viewpoints. They give meaningful feedback to those who write things. And they let people connect over ideas.

(4 Wearable Technology

After over 20 years of research we are finally seeing the rise of wearable technology on the market. With Google’s improbable set of eyeglasses, Apple’s iwatch and Samsung’s unveiling a companion watch, its clear a new device revolution is on its way. Big brands have begun pouring millions in to wearable devices. They are posed to push smart phones to one side and dominate the market.

This tech hack brings technology even closer to our fingertips.

(5 Amazon Dash


And you thought Amazon Prime was bad-ass.
Amazon Dash is rolling out a test phase, lets you install auto­order buttons around your house for everything from laundry detergent to razor blades. Hit the button and grab the box. No more going to the store or even to the computer. Can life get any easier?

6) Amazon Echo


Amazon Echo is said to be the future of home automation. This device is designed around your voice, it works by just asking for information such as music, weather and more. It works as soon as it detects the wake word.

Think Siri but for your house, and without having to shout at her. This cool little cylinder almost becomes a member of the family: from telling jokes, spelling those words you can’t, reading the news, and playing the music you want ­ forget pulling out your smartphone to Google things, Echo is right there.

Perhaps the most important piece of advice ­ Unplug!


Tech is great and helps us do many things; but, at the end of the day, week, or month ­ it’s good to “get away from it all,” get outside, and spend time with people you love without the notifications and the bleep noises.
There’s a reason many Silicon Valley execs run away into the mountains without their cell phones most every weekend. It’s the reason that keeps us human ­ something worth tapping into like stepping into a clean river. Live on.

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