5 Ways 3­D Printing Will Change the World

3­D printing isn’t just a science project college kids play with. It’s changing everything. Gutenberg drastically changed the world 500 years ago. Today, being able to create any 3 ­dimensional object with the push of a button is something the world has never seen before.

Here are 10 changes that are coming.

1. Cars

Imagine you could take the things you love about BMW, the things you love about a Mercedes, the same for the McLaren, Lincoln, Rolls Royce, Mustang, and Volvo ­ and put all that into one awesome car. Over in Singapore, a group of students at the Nanyang Technological University have built the first solar electric car with a 3D printed chassis.

Imagine how much further this will develop in years to come. Will every car or every home garage being equipped with the latest 3D printer? That shapes both metal and plastic and can overnight upgrade your car just as your iPhone apps upgrade from version 4.0 to 4.01. The time is coming when that won’t be a fantasy anymore.

2. Household items

Need a new pair of shoes? Time to set the table? Chair broken? How about downloading new shoes off the internet? Setting an auto­sensor for when dinner is ready, the table will shoot out.

3D printers might not be available in every home just yet, but the internet is equipped with ready-to-print object designs. Name any house hold item, its likely there is a 3D printable version already on-line.

Shopping malls are about to change as we know them.

3. Medical

It used to take thousands upon thousands of dollars to develop a single prosthetic arm: specialists, manufacturers, and everyone in between. It is estimated 30 million people worldwide are in need of a prosthetic hand, arm or leg. Many are forced to do without due to a skills shortage to them make. Waiting lists for a new limb are long, meaning that demand far outstrips supply. But with the rise of 3D printing is said to speed up the production process as a team of Canadians and Uagandan’s are researching to find the answers.

Another way 3D printing is helping the medical world is through Bio printing. Bio printing according to Wikipedia is “the three-dimensional printing of biological tissue and organs through the layering of living cells”. from a technological perspective will play an undeniable part in the future of our lives.

The applications of this are endless: heart transplants, complex bandages and braces ­ you name it.

4. Prototyping

Rapid prototyping for research purposes have existed since the 1980’s using industrial 3D printers. These are larger machines that use proprietary metals, plastics, paper etc. The prototyping process is very quickly becoming a lot more advanced and digital with the rise of better machinery.

Have an idea for a new product or building? You can now build a prototype you can send to market faster than ever before and with less resources. Startups and entrepreneurs are using this heavily, as well as large manufacturers. We can test faster, we can make things better and quicker.

5. The heart of the matter

It’s not the things that will be worth so much money. It’s the ideas, the essence, the concept that can be mathematically turned into a link, a formula, something that can be printed in any place in the world, used, and enjoyed. This is the future.

Things will all be recyclable. We will use less resources and we will use them better. We will waste less. Garbage will be a misnomer or non existent.

There will be no such thing as homeless people, starving people, etc. Food, shelter can be printed. There is no end to the good that can be done. Evil, as well, but as with all things ­ 3D printing is a means, a medium.


Isaac Budmen, the co­author of The Book on 3D Printing says in the next generation ­ 20­30 years, all this and more will be in every household, at our fingertips.

Get ready.

“Time starts now.” ­ Steve McQueen, Bullit

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